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Real Estate Investment, Capital Management, Development, Brokerage, and Property Management

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Pinnacle Real Estate Group

Commercial portfolio investment, capital management, development, acquisitions & dispositions, sourcing deals & capital, commercial leasing, property management, brokerage, and consulting. Pinnacle Real Estate Group is based out of Salt Lake City Utah and focuses on assets in the western United States.

Investing through diversity, location, industry type, class and market timing.

Why is Real Estate a Good Investment?

Lower Risk

Cash flow


Tax Benefits

Principal Reduction

Equity Multiple


Access to Equity

Negative Beta to Market

We take a disciplined approach, targeting value add investments, with a unique perspective. Our investors appreciate transparency, cash-flow, & rapid equity multiples.

Our Investment Asset Classes







Mixed Use


Senior Housing

Tax Credit

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Pinnacle is Rising

Opportunities through strategic portfolio placement and capital management. True value creation comes through vertical integration and operational efficiency.

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